Immersive installation 2014 at Günther Domenig’s Steinhaus at lake Ossiach.

In the Steinhaus the innovative force in the projects of architect Günther Domenig reached its peak. His house is now probably the most famous work of the Carinthian contemporary architecture and it is a built architecture biography. The transformation of regional landscape elements, led to architecture sculpture with noticeable intensity space. It took Domenig about 30 years to built it. Domenig had the idea of a research-workshop for architecture and the connection with other disciplines such as art, culture, music and literature The inspiring density of the space hosts a varied program of guided tours, symposia, workshops and cultural events. Especially the guided tours in the Steinhaus, offered by the Architektur Haus Kärnten, open up unique insights into the life and work of Günther Domenig and new perspectives of the house and tell at the same time exciting stories about its construction.

The installation was located in front of the .

Different colors are reflected by the smooth concrete surfaces getting scattered with every reflection.
Underwater life is brought to life.